Thursday, June 14

End of school

Friday is the last day of school for my little girl.   According to her, next week is the beginning of a longggggg days ahead.   She does not look forward staying at home everyday and wondering what fun things she could do with her sister.    I have been looking for some summer activities for my girls and I think I have to look faster!  

For one, I have swimming lessons schedule for Hazen Swimming Pool.  That for sure will be the top priority on their summer activities.   Both of them loves water and when we asked what do they want to do this summer, swimming is the first answer.   We just have to decide the schedule and timing.   I have been checking City of Issaquah Community Center, and they have tons of summer activities!  I printed out all of them, so I could read through and decide if something will fit the girls.  

I saw some Gymnastics / Ballet class at Renton Community Center, but they are already full :-(  If you are a mom like me who is scouting for activities to make your little ones busy, try the local community centers.  They offer some programs and the cost is very much reasonable compared to other vendors.

And my quest will continue !!!!!

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