Sunday, July 29


This summer my husband and I planned to take a few road trips to maximized and enjoy the good weather.  One place in our itinerary is the Oregon Coast.  Below are some pictures during our weekend trip.   If you love the beach and nature, this is definitely one place you should consider.

From Seattle we headed directly yo Cannon beach, it was almost four hours drive.  The kids were quite bored but tablet and Nintendo DS are our savior!  Few days prior to our trip, we booked a hotel along the beach, they were fully booked but got lucky and was able to get a room.   I warned you that the hotel is quite expensive, so better make plenty of preparation.

This is Canon Beach.  The coast is just miles and miles of beautiful scenery, but the water is freezing.   The kids was disappointed that they could not swim because it was windy and the temperature is below 60 degrees.

They settled to playing in the water and sand instead.  Sunset and view is breathtaking.  People make campfire at night and just sit and cuddle beside the fire and enjoy the conversation.

After a day at Canon Beach we are on our way to Portland, with a side trip at Cape Meares.  Above is the historic lighthouse with an awesome view. 

We did a side trip at Tillamok  Cheese factory to have some ice cream and see how cheese was processed.  Have a chance to sample different types of cheese at the factory as well.

Stayed one night at Portland and in the morning did a scenic drive along Columbia River Gorge.   After that, attended a noon mass at the Grotto, have lunch and headed back home.

This is one of the most beautiful scenery in Oregon Coast. The sunset is just magnificent !  So many pictures, and I have very little space. 

It was a wonderful trip and I was glad we made it.   Next stop is Washington Peninsula !

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