Sunday, August 26

Camping trip @ Lake Kachess

This year we had two camping trips.  This pictures below was our second camping trip at Lake Kachess, an hour from Renton, WA.   We went there on a Friday afternoon and went back home on Sunday noon.   The campground was nice, every spot has its own fire pit and a table.  Most sites could accommodate at least two tents.  Our group has six sites all in all, with six families on it.  

The lake was a 10 minutes walk from the camp site, but we brought our car because of the kids and we had lunch at the lake so we have so much stuff to bring along.  

Below are few pictures in random order.

This was taken at the last day of the camping where everyone posed for a group picture.  This is the wacky posed !

 We had some games prepared for the kids, even the little ones participated with the help of their mommies.  We ended up doing it though, with the help of the older kids because of their desire to win the contest.

                                           BFF posed with their faces full of flour !

The ladies chillaxing under the tree beside the lake.   I ended up going to the water to have a dip later in the afternoon just to cool off.   It was so hot !!!  I felt so much better when we went back.

 The kids cooling off in the water and just having fun.   You could not imagine how they could stayed in the water for many hours.

 Dinner time !  Every meal, we assigned a family to cook food and or wash dishes.  That way everyone has a share of chores.   But of course, even though certain family was assigned to cook, we still help out each other to make things faster.  We chip in money to buy food and groceries as well.

I think this is breakfast before we headed home.   We had so much fun.  The only drawback in this trip was that, we were not allowed to do a campfire because of the fire waning in the area of Le Eclum.    The kids has to cook their smores in the grill rather than in the campfire.  

Overall, it was a fun experienced.  As usual the kids could not wait for the next summer to do it again.

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